Ranger School – Pre-Ranger

The Pre-Ranger Course consists of 14 days of training. The first week is designed to mirror the first week of Ranger School‘s (Benning) phase. The second week is designed to Coach, Teach, and Mentor students during the patrol phase of the course. The purpose of the Pre-Ranger Course (PRC) is to prepare Soldiers to succeed at the US Army Ranger School. Pre-Ranger accomplishes this by assessing the Soldiers’ physical and mental capabilities, training the Soldiers on Troop Leading Procedures, Combat Orders and Reconnaissance/Combat patrols to the same standards conducted at the US Army Ranger School. Pre-Ranger is designed to verify that all medical/dental and administrative paperwork is complete for Ranger School attendance, and fix any deficiency that the Soldier may have. Students will be required to pass the minimum Ranger Physical Fitness Test of 49 push-ups, 59 sit-ups and 5 mile (release) run in 40:00 minutes or less. In addition to the RPFT, students will be evaluated at the Combat Water Survival Test, Land Navigation, Road March, Ranger Stakes, Obstacle Course, Patrols, and Peer Evaluations.